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Quik-Rooter and Plumbing Inc. is Porterville's premier septic system maintenance, repair and installation specialist. We have been serving Northern and Central California for over 30 years. Because, we have been in operation since 1976 we not only have the experience but all of the required materials, technology and equipment to assist you with all of your septic system maintenance needs in the most efficient, affordable and time-effective way possible. At Quik Rooter and Plumbing Inc. we attribute our achievement and success to our high commitment to customer satisfaction. It is our goal to insure each customer has a positive experience and to earn a customer's business for life. Our employees are qualified and trained to conquer any of your septic system needs with professionalism.

Septic tank care and maintenance: Contrary to common belief, septic systems are not maintenance free. You should have your septic system serviced every one to two years depending on the number of people using the facilities. By keeping your septic tank properly maintained you will prolong the life of your system. Having the solids and sludge regularly removed from your tank and having your baffles and tees regularly inspected will keep floating solid, scum and sludge from escaping the tank and entering the drain field. When these solids enter the leach field they can lead to expensive repairs and prevent the proper functioning of your septic system overall. Using preventative maintenance will prevent possible overflow of sewer.

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  • Septic tanks require reasonable maintenance and use to ensure efficient operation. Allow only household waste to be disposed into the system. Dispose of garbage and kitchen grease into the waste basket and not into the drains of your system (eventually leading to your septic system).
  • Repair all leaking plumbing fixtures to avoid drain field saturation and unexpected tank failure.
  • Prevent root problems by removing trees from the drain field areas.
  • Avoid traffic or driving over a septic system which can cause physical damage.

Signs that you should have your tank serviced immediately:
Overflow or slow drainage-If you have sewage backup in your bathtub, shower or toilets you should have your septic tank serviced right away. Slow drainage in your bathtub or other household drains is a also a sign your septic tank is full.

Odor- If you smell sewer odor or gasses in or around your home it is probably time to have your septic tank pumped right away to avoid future more costly repairs.

Bubbling- If the water begins to gurgle or bubble instead of going quickly and smoothly down the drain your septic tank may be full.

Moisture- Moisture around your septic tank or leach field is a sign your tank is full.

Excessive grass growth-If you have excessive growth of grass over or around your septic tank or leach field your tank may be full.

*So ignoring your septic system will not save you money in the long run. Proper, design, installation, and maintenance of your septic system will maximize your system's life.

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