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Bakersfield has a large amount of septic tanks on residential, agricultural and commercial properties. We have been servicing and installing septic tanks in Bakersfield and several other cities in California since 1976. We have several vacuum trucks and other equipment needed to handle any septic issue that may arise. Some homes/businesses that are in a remote area or in an area where city sewer systems are not available, their sewer systems are tied into a septic tank.

A septic tank is a holding tank for sewer. Septic tanks are made of different materials and come in many different sizes. Residential tanks are usually anywhere from seven hundred and fifty gallons to two thousand gallons depending on the size of the house, how many bathrooms are in the house and how many people will be residing in the home. Commercial and agriculture tanks are generally the same but are sometimes larger. Septic tanks are made of concrete, which are the tanks that we install, fiberglass and even plastic. Most septic tanks have two compartments.

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The main sewer line coming from a house or business is connected to the septic tank. The sewer travels downhill from the house or building out to the septic tank. Inside the tank, the sewer is broken down into two parts, liquids and solids. The first compartment of the tank holds the solids and the liquids seep over into the second part of the tank. The liquids then run out into a seepage pit or a leach field. Once the liquids go into these areas it usually seeps down into the ground.

Maintenance on a septic tank is very important in order to keep the sewer system working properly and to save from expensive repairs. In order to maintain the septic tank it should be pumped every two years. Even still the leach lines or seepage pit should be treated with chemical once it is aged. Some of the problems people may have with their septic tank is caused by lack of maintenance. When a person waits until their tank is full, the solids seep over into the liquid side of the tank and cause the tank and/or the leach lines or seepage pit to fail. Sometimes they can be repaired and sometimes they need to be replaced because the damage is not repairable. Another huge problem that we come across in a septic tank or system is roots. A lot of times when there are a lot of trees around a septic system we will see a root intrusion and we will either need to replace the tank or do some heavy repairs.

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