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Quik Rooter & Plumbing Inc has been your number one plumbing specialist since 1976 serving Bakersfield, Visalia, Delano, Fresno and Mereid just to name a few cities here in Central California. We are a family owned corporation and are experts in most every aspect of plumbing. Any plumber will tell you plumbing is a very broad term and plumbing issues may vary so when choosing a Plumber in Bakersfield Quik Rooter is a good choice regardless of the plumbing issue. Every Quik Rooter plumber Bakersfield is an expert with all water lines in or outside of the home.

Water lines are usually fed from a larger water main in which runs to a meter and then from the meter a line going out to the home. That usually breaks off into even smaller lines to bring water to separate areas of the home, for instance the toilets, faucets and showers. These lines are usually made of copper, pvc (plastic) or galvanized pipe. Sometimes these pipes run underground and sometimes they are run overhead in the attic. All of these pipes are subject to corrosion in which sometimes causes them to burst and leak especially after years of use. A plumber sees twice as many pipes busted in the winter time.

Plumbing Bakersfield

Every plumber on the Quik Rooter team specializes in repairing and replacing these water lines when something like this happens. Sometimes we can repair just a section of the pipe, depending on the condition of rest of the pipe, and other times a plumber will have to do a complete repipe in which we use the more modern and durable aqua pex pipe and pvc pipe in place of the old corroded pipe. When the pipes are ran underground or inside walls sometimes it is harder to locate leaks in which a plumber of ours will use technical equipment such as electronic leak detection to help us locate these type of leaks.

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Our service area includes but is not limited to the following...

Plumbing fixtures are another major part of plumbing that our plumbers cover. Faucets, shut off valves, shower valves, hose bibs, all toilet parts and shower/bathtub parts are all examples of plumbing fixtures that our plumbers are fully trained in repairing and replacing. Sometimes faucets leak or won't shut off all the way or they even get corroded from hard water damage and they just need replaced. Garbage disposals and water heaters are also plumbing fixtures that a Quik Rooter plumber is fully qualified to repair or replace.

The less glamorous side of plumbing would be sewer. Every time we use our water, whether it is to take a shower, wash dishes or flush the toilet, all of the water runs down a sewer system. Each water source, such as a kitchen sink or a bathtub, has its own drain pipe that ties into a larger sewer line. These sewer lines are usually made of abs or pvc (plastic), cast iron, clay, orangeburg (which is a paper like fiber pipe), copper and galvanized. There is also a pipe used for trenchless sewer lines called SDR17 which is a polyethylene pipe. The larger sewer line either ties into the city sewer out into the Bakersfield streets, or if the city sewer is not available, it will drain into a septic tank.

The septic tank has two chambers, one that stores the solids and the other is for the liquids. Once the liquids reach a certain level they usually seep out into a leach field, which is usually made of a rock bed or infiltrators, or a seepage pit, which is a deep hole with concrete liners and rock in the bottom. Quik Rooter & Plumbing Inc has expertise in this area of plumbing as well. Any time there is a clog in a drain our company can send a plumber out and open any drain using equipment that is especially for the purpose of unclogging drains.

Our plumbers are also qualified and skilled to find the root of the problem. A lot of times the problem can be simple like hair or grease. Other times the problem can be much more serious like roots or a broken line. We also have cameras that a plumber can put down the drain pipe to get a clear view of the problem. In this case we are fully equipped to locate and repair the problem in the sewer line.

In some cases our Bakersfield Plumbers have to replace the entire sewer line because it is impossible to place fittings on a rotten pipe. Our team of plumbers are the best at doing sewer line replacements. As mentioned before a lot of times the sewer line drains into a septic tank. These tanks also need to be drained on a regular basis. The recommended time frame for this would be every two years. Our Plumber Bakersfield Team is also equiped with the vacuum trucks necessary to pump septic tanks. When a septic tank is not maintained this can cause major damage to a sewer system. The sludge from the solid side of the tank can seep over into the liquid side of the tank causing it to clog and the liquids stop seeping into the ground. Sometimes just treating the leach field or seepage pit with sulfuric acid can fix a smaller problem but other times the septic tank gets damaged beyond repair in which a plumber would have to install a new septic tank, or leach line/seepage pit failure and new system would need to be installed.

Gas lines are another part of plumbing, gas lines can be replaced or repaired by our Plumber. Bakersfield Gas lines are ran very similar to water lines. They also are made of similar material as well, for instance black galvanized pipe is a very common pipe used for gas lines. Another popular gas pipe is tracpipe which is a type of stainless steel tubing. When Bakersfield has a gas leak a plumber of ours is called out to locate the leak, since it is a type of gas and isn't visible sometimes this can be very difficult. Our plumbers have certain equipment to help locate these type of leaks as well.

Quik Rooter & Plumbing Inc is a growing corporation that has all types of equipment and skilled plumbers to handle all types of plumbing issues as described above and many more topics that were not covered in this article. We have the quickest response time and the most reliable service in California. We care about our customers and pride ourselves on their satisfaction. Quik Rooter Plumber Bakersfield is a Full Service Plumbing Company here to service The Residents of Bakersfield.

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Thank you for visiting Quik Rooter. We have a team of expert plumbers who specialize in General Plumbing, Water and Sewer Repair, Drain Cleaning and Septic Systems. We provide reliable plumbing service to Merced, Madera, Fresno, Kings, Tulare, and Kern County. QuikRooter has emergency assistance and can send expert technicians to Bakersfield, Fresno, and Visalia, California. Contact QuikRooter at 661-834-4013. For emergency plumbing assistance, please call us at 1-800-727-9533. QuikRooter is the Central Valley's #1 plumbing service provider.

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